With so many of these "all-in-one", easy to use, compact "sats machines" to choose from, we bring you Pulmolink's "pick of the bunch"...

So whether you're a home user or medical professional, we can help advise on the best fingertip Pulse Oximeter for your needs...


...with "plug-in" Pulse Oximetry probes. Allows you to choose extra SpO2 sensors to suit every age, type & size of patient...

...continuously measure SATs & Pulse Rate levels with alarms to warn of significant changes. Ideal for use at the bedside...


Handheld Capnograph with optional SpO2; ideal for emergency intubation verification & EtCO2 monitoring during patient transfers & resuscitation

Capnograph with Desktop Stand...for continuous monitoring and recording EtCO2 & Respiration Rate plus optional Pulse Oximetry.

...Anti-Bacterial Viral (ABV) Filters, Noseclips, Mouthpieces and other respiratory products

...a selection of handheld, desktop and pc controlled Spirometers.

...from Broncho Provocation Dosimeters to full PFT systems.

...ergometers, masks and headcaps for CPX Testing.



Pulmolink offer unrivalled UK sales, services and support for cardio-pulmonary testing and monitoring equipment for both the home user and medical professionals.

Pulmolink is an independent, British, family-owned and run, Limited Organisation dedicated to providing high quality products and services to healthcare customers, large and small, at affordable prices.

As the focus of healthcare provision within the UK continues to shift away from treatment within major hospitals and towards community and primary care centres, Pulmolink continues to ensure it is ideally placed to meet the ever-changing requirements through both direct sales and its network of sub-distributors.

Moreover, faced with evermore impersonal, non-specialised corporate giants, it has become increasingly clear that the UK healthcare professional and the home care patient values the benefit of dealing with smaller customer-focused, knowledgeable specialist companies, such as ourselves.