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Replacement Suntech Medical Orbit K Auscultatory Blood Pressure Cuff

SunTech Medical

  • £189.99


  • 1.x SunTech Medical Replacement Blood Pressue Cuff (in the size of your chosing) for use with SunTech Medical’s Series of Tango stress blood pressure monitors
  • 1.x Instruction Leafet 

Microphone NOT included


A soft, supple sleeve made of lycra/nylon stretch material, gently hugs the arm to maintain BP cuff placement and promote patient comfort.The high quality BP cuff material provides a durable yet comfortable cuff solution for repeated readings on multiple patients and, with a removable bladder makes it easier to clean, disinfect, or machine wash the blood pressure cuff

The Innovative design that allows a clinician to properly position the BP cuff on the arm. The cuff sleeve contains an added pocket to secure the microphone in the proper listening position on the brachial artery to obtain accurate, repeatable, and reliable blood pressure measurement results during cardiac stress testing.

Orbit K Auscultatory Blood Pressure Cuff is also 100% latex-free and PVC-free.


A non invasive blood pressure cuff for use with the SunTech Medical’s Tango series of stress blood pressure monitors. 

It comes in a choice of four sizes, see below for size chart. 

Sizing Chart 
Small Adult Orbit-K Cuff  (Part No 98-0061-01)    18-27cm 
Adult Orbit-K Cuff            (Part No 98-0061-02)    25-35cm 
Adult Plus Orbit-K Cuff    (Part No  98-0061-05)   27-40cm
Large Adult Orbit-K Cuff  (Part No  98-0061-03)   32-44cm

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