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SpectrO2 20 - WW1020 Battery Powered Pulse Oximeter for Spot Checks

BCI (Smiths Medical PM Inc)

  • £549.99

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• Handheld DIGITAL Pulse Oximeter

Three Year Warranty

• Perfusion Index, Motion Tolerance & Probe Storage Cradles

• Supplied with “SpotCheck” Finger Sensor for Adults & Paediatrics over 20kg


•1. x 3044S Adult Spot Check Sensor

•1. x WW1080 Sensor Cradles: Paediatric, Comfort Clip® Adult - set of 3

•1. x WW1922 Operation Manual

•4. x AA cell Alkaline Disposable Batteries

What the manufacturer says...

The SpectrO2 20 utilises BCI’s very latest DIGITAL pulse oximetry technology to deliver reliable spot-check results - even in challenging clinical environments with the presence of low perfusion or motion.

SpectrO2 20 is ideally suited for spot-checking in home care, primary care, emergency & transport settings & other clinical environments, as well as during sleep screening or walk tests. Different sized sensors are additionally available to suit a wide range of patients from NEONATE to ADULT.

Reliable readings in a wide variety of challenging patient care situations
•Low perfusion performance
•Motion tolerance
•Approved for Neonatal use

PI (Pulse amplitude Index) Indicator
•Helps identify and maintain a good test site
•Enables confidence in results

One of the largest displays on the hand-held market
•At-a-glance patient assessment
•Easy to view from wide angles
•50% larger LEDs than comparable hand-held devices

On-board sensor storage cradle
•Stores and protects sensor
•Reduces damage, minimizing unnecessary replacement costs
•Sensor is always ready and available

Versatility with multiple sensors
•Compatible with all BCI® sensors
•New BCI® 20-inch Spot-Check Sensor ◦Minimizes frustrating cable tangles
◦Quick, easy patient assessments

•Nellcor® sensor compatibility*
*Tested with Nellcor® DS100A sensor.

GTIN: 30843418000108

What we say...


1.Reliably measure SpO2, Pulse Rate, Pulse Strength PLUS Perfusion Index

2.Low Perfusion performance

3.Motion Tolerance

4.BCI’s patented serial autocorrelation DIGITAL technology

5.Easy-to-use, one key operation

6.Innovative on-board sensor storage (see illustration)

7.Lightweight yet robust & rugged (ISO 9919 compliant)

8.Flexible Power options: AA Batteries plus optional Lithium battery pack recharged via AC charger, tabletop docking station or USB cable

9. Protective “rubber gloves” available in a choice of four colours (at additional charge), see illustration 

10.NEW Spotcheck Sensor - other BCI® reusable & disposable sensors available

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