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Silicon Single Patient Multi Use Oximetry Sensor-x3 Sizes-Choose BCI, Newtech or Nellcor Compatible

Solaris Medical Technology Inc

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  • 1 x Silicon Sensor in a Choice of x3 Sizes
  • User Instruction Leaflet


  • Multi-use SpO2 sensor intended for continuous oxygen saturation and pulse rate monitoring
  • Single patient use only
  • Chose BCI or Newtech or Nellcor compatible*
  • Contains no Latex
  • Velcro attachment
  • 90cm cable


Soft silicon sensor with velcro attachment, allowing easy attachment, repositioning and removal.

Supplied individually and recommended for repeated use on a single patient.

  • Paediatric/Child   10kg - 40kg 
    • Part No D200P-090101 for BCI Compatible
    • Part No D400P-090118 for Newtech Compatible
    • Part No D100P-090103 for Nellcor Compatible*
  • Adult                     40kg - 70kg  
    • Part No D200A-090101 for BCI Compatible
    • Part No D400A-090118 for Newtech Compatible
    • Part No D100A-090103 for Nellcor Compatible*
  • Large Adult           70kg - 90kg
    • Part No D200AL-090101 for BCI Compatible
    • Part No D400AL-090118 for Newtech Compatible
    • Part No D100AL-090103 for Nellcor Compatible*

* Please note this version is ONLY compatible with Nellcor standard oximetry and NOT Nellcor OxiMax oximetry.

The sizing is based upon the probe being used on the patient's FINGER. If you wish to use it on the patients toe, we recommend ordering one size up. Please contact us if you need further advice on which size probe is best for your needs.

Select “BCI COMPATIBLE” version for use with:

 Select “NEWTECH COMPATIBLE” version for use with:

 Select “NELLCOR COMPATIBLE” version for use with:

If you are unsure which version you require or your device is not mentioned above, please CONTACT US.

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