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SpectrO2 30 - WW1030 Rechargeable Oximeter & Docking Station Charger Base COMBO

BCI (Smiths Medical PM Inc)

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• Handheld DIGITAL Pulse Oximeter WITH ALARMS

• PLUS Docking Station / Charger Base with Universal AC Mains Adapter

• PLUS Lithium battery pack


•1. x 3444 Adult “Comfort” Finger Sensor

•1. x 3311 Oximetry Cable 5 ft

•1. x WW1080 Sensor Cradles: Paediatric, Comfort Clip® & Adult - set of 3

•1. x WW1924 Operation Manual

•1. x WW1025 OUS Docking Station/Charger Base

•1. x WW1090 Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Pack

What the manufacturer says...

SpectrO2 30 utilises BCI’s very latest DIGITAL pulse oximetry technology to deliver reliable measurements - even in challenging clinical environments with the presence of low perfusion or motion. SpectrO2 30  is ideally suited for BOTH spot-checking AND continuous monitoring in home care, primary care, emergency & transport settings & other clinical environments, as well as during sleep screening or walk tests.

Different sized sensors are additionally available to suit a wide range of patients from NEONATE to ADULT. Reliable readings in a wide variety of challenging patient care situations such as low perfusion performance and motion tolerance. The device is also approved for neonatal use.

PI (Pulse amplitude Index) Indicator
•Helps identify and maintain a good test site
•Enables confidence in results

One of the largest displays on the hand-held market
•At-a-glance patient assessment
•Easy to view from wide angles
•50% larger LEDs than comparable hand-held devices

On-board sensor storage cradle
•Stores and protects sensor
•Reduces damage, minimizing unnecessary replacement costs
•Sensor is always ready and available

Versatility with multiple sensors
•Compatible with all BCI® sensors
•Nellcor® sensor compatibility*
*Tested with Nellcor® DS100A sensor.


What we say...


•Reliably measure SpO2, Pulse Rate, Pulse Strength PLUS Perfusion Index

•Low Perfusion performance

•Motion Tolerance

•BCI’s patented serial autocorrelation DIGITAL technology

•Easy-to-use, direct function key-pad operation

•Innovative on-board sensor storage (see illustration)

•Lightweight yet robust & rugged (ISO 9919 compliant)

•Flexible Power options: Lithium battery pack recharged via AC charger/tabletop docking station or simple AA Alkaline Batteries

•User-selectable alarm limits & volume PLUS Hi-VIZ Alarm/Alert Warning Beacon

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