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MiniPulse MP1R Rechargeable Pulse Oximeter with Alarms - longer term monitoring packages


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•Smartsigns MiniPulse Handheld Pulse Oximeter WITH ALARMS; the perfect choice for continuous & overnight monitoring in homecare situations.

Rechargeable Batteries with Charger & AC Power Adapter

Five year warranty

•Simple to Use

•Lightweight yet Robust Design

•Utilises tried and trusted BCI Digital technology 

•Supplied with ONE reusable spot check sensor, in a choice of the following sizes:

  • Adult (>40kg) Finger Clip Sensor
  • Paediatric (10-40kg) Finger Clip Sensor
  • Neonate/Infant (3-15kg) Silicon Wrap Sensor 

•Packages also include 10 equivalent sized disposable sensors for longer term monitoring 

•Also includes an oximetry extension cable to provide additional flexibility when positioning the oximeter at the bedside


•4. x AA cell NiMH rechargeable batteries

•1. x Charger Base/Desk Stand

•1. x AC Mains Power Supply Adapter with UK pins

•1. x Operation Manual (Booklet & CD)

•1. x S0076B-S Adult Finger Sensor OR 1. x S0076C-S Paediatric Finger Sensor OR 1. x W200A/N-090101B Neonate/Infant Wrap


•1. x Pack of 10 Disposable "Sticky Plaster" Style Sensors for the equivalent weight range


•1. x AC011-240101 Oximetry Extension Cable, 8ft (2.43m)

What the manufacturer says...

The Professionals’ choice, ideal for both spot checking and continuous, short-term monitoring of Adult, Paediatric and Neonatal/Infant patients. With a choice of two lightweight hand held models, the MiniPulse range has been designed to provide clinicians with fast, reliable, portable measurements in almost any setting.

At the core of each model, both instruments use a clinically validated technology which ensures reliable measurements deliver consistent results for both the user and the patient at all times.

Pulsatility Index (PI) Display
•Provides a relative indication of signal quality
•Enables the user to either confirm the signal quality at the sensor site or make comparative measurements at different sites.

One of the largest displays in its class
•Large, bright LED display allows at-a-glance patient assessment
•Easy to view from wide angles and long distances

Versatility with multiple sensors
•Compatible with all BCI® sensors

Made in the UK.

RRP (Package): £1,105.20 incl VAT

What we say...


•Reliably monitor and be alerted to changes in Oxygen Saturation & Pulse Rate levels during longer term/overnight use in healthcare/homecare settings

•Alarm Limits stay where you've set them between uses (so no need to reprogramme every time) & the variable-pitch Pulse Bleep has a selectable Silent Mode

•Direct function key-pad operation allows easy adjustments to be made when needed

• Compatible with our wide selection of BCI Compatible Reusable & Disposable Sensors, so extra supplies/alternatives are available to purchase on-line when required

•Robust design with integrated shock absorbing rubberised hand grip (complies with ISO 9919) and easy-to-clean control panel

•Long Battery Life between Charges: typically up to 60 hrs from the internally fitted AA Rechargeable NiMH Batteries

•Handy Charger Base/Desk Stand with colour change LED indicator quickly shows Battery Charging Status (Red = Battery Conditioning, Amber = Charging, Green = Charged)

•Selectable Auto-Dim Display prolongs battery life and reduces unwanted brightness in a darkened room. Pressing any key or any alarm condition will automatically revert display  to normal intensity 

•Optional custom-made "Weatherproof" Padded Carrying Case (available at additional charge) features clear window for viewing display and operating keypad plus separate sensor storage pocket, belt loop and shoulder strap

•Optional IV Pole Clamp Attachment (available at additional charge) may be useful to securely attach the oximeter to a vertical bedside pole, a bed/cot rail or maybe even part of a wheelchair or buggy

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