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About Us


For over three decades, Pulmolink has dedicated itself to providing high quality respiratory testing and monitoring products at affordable prices.

An independent, British company offering healthcare professionals and their patients specialist knowledge in a wide choice of Pulse Oximeters; either as standalone devices or combined with Spirometry or Capnography.


In a world of corporate giants, impersonal call centres and big business, it’s easy to feel lost and unappreciated as a consumer.

You want the brand name and the quality that goes with dealing with a multi national but you also want the service, attention and knowledge that goes alongside dealing with an independent specialist; well with Pulmolink you can have both!

With no exclusivity ties to influence our impartiality, we can (and do) pick the best quality products in the cardio-pulmonary testing and monitoring field.

We sell, supply and support items based upon three keys principals:

Quality – Is the item well built, designed and will it last?

Accuracy – Does it work and work well? (Sounds simple but you would be surprised at the samples we get sent from companies asking us to sell products that just don’t work as they should!)

Price – We don’t sell items simply because they are cheap, we sell products that provide value for money, the highest quality for the lowest cost.

If a product doesn’t meet ALL of these criteria, it doesn’t get sold by Pulmolink.

Customer service is also of paramount importance to us. We pride ourselves on offering expert, independent advice built on over thirty years of experience in the cardio-pulmonary testing and monitoring fields.  We won’t sell you the most expensive product, we will sell you the one that’s right for you!