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Support - We're here to help


Pulmolink fully support the various manufacturers’ product warranties for all the products we distribute within the United Kingdom. Any faults or failures arising during the warranty period applicable to that particular product should be reported immediately to Pulmolink in the first instance, who will endeavour to provide full assistance.


SUPPORT & SERVICE OVERVIEW - Options for Equipment & Systems

There are 2 categories of support & service available from Pulmolink :
Both are REACTIVE responses


“On Site Response” Servicing

Emergency un-planned call-out visit by Pulmolink Engineer to diagnose and repair your equipment.

Ideal for bulky or fragile devices unsuitable for sending by courier.

Corrective action on-site to resolve the failure and perform full operational checks.

If unable to rectify fault, a detailed estimate of time required to repair at base/factory will be provided.

“Return to Base” Servicing

The preferred option for the vast majority of our customers requiring: fault finding, error rectification, damage repairs or accuracy verification.

More economic than “planned” maintenance contracts; you only pay when work is actually required.

Convenient & efficient: repairs are carried out at our UK workshops, avoiding the lengthy delays typically associated with sending equipment back to overseas manufacturers for servicing.

Ideal for smaller devices which can be easily packaged and sent/returned by commercial couriers.

Also suited to difficult or multiple-fault conditions where the ability to call on full workshop facilities is beneficial and less time consuming.

Can be used to effectively dovetail with the schedule of a busy department or when an engineer may not be available to visit within the timescale desired.

NOTE: This overview is intended to summarise, in a user-friendly format, the options available for the servicing, maintenance, repair and ongoing technical support of equipment and systems.

It does NOT replace our “Standard Terms and Conditions for Support & Service”, copies of which are available upon request.