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910610 Spirodoc Handheld Spirometer with Pulse Oximetry plus PC Software for Recorded Data Analysis


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1. x CD containing winspiroPRO PC software

1. x CD containing User Manual

1. x USB Cable

1. x Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack

1. x Carrying case

1. x Spirodoc Support/Rest for Desktop

1. x Noseclip

1. x Adult Reusable Oximetry Soft Finger Sensor

1. x Reusable Turbine


What the manufacturer says...

Spirodoc is four devices in one, italian design; making it ideal for the family doctor and for specialist applications.

  • a handheld Spirometer with "touch screen" display
  • an intelligent Pulse Oximeter with "on screen" results
  • 3D Accelerometer with motion analysis for O2 prescription
  • A Questionnaire for home care symptom control

Spirometry features:

  • The New Spirodoc® has been developed with great attention both to design and technology, with various operation modes:
  • “advanced” parameters for the specialist, “reduced” set of parameters for screening as well as a “simplified” version for Home Care operation.
  • Precise spirometry interpretation including post bronchodilator.
  • All tests are automatically memorized.
  • Automatic BTPS conversion.
  • Memory capacity: 10.000 tests.
  • Wide selection of predicted values.

FlowMIR features:

  • Spirometry requires maximum accuracy and hygiene.
  • FlowMir® is the answer to both requirements.
  • Each turbine is calibrated with a computerised system and it is packaged individually.
  • After patient testing both the turbine and mouthpiece are thrown away. In this way 100% hygiene can be guaranteed.

Oximetry features:

  • Simple, clear SpO2 and Pulse Rate measurements with plethysmographic curve.
  • During the single six-minute walk test (6MWT), Spirodoc® estimates the level of oxygen therapy required by the patient. 
  • Innovative and essential in pneumology, cardiology and rehabilitation etc.
  • Short or long term (overnight) SpO2 and Pulse Rate measurements.
  • Spirodoc® is the first 3D Oximeter® incorporating a triaxial motion sensor to correlate the saturation level (%SpO2) with physical activity (walk counter, movement analysis and VMU).
  • ODI, NOD, T90; T88 calculation.
  • Spirodoc® carries out sleep desaturation studies and memorizes events as well as body position.

Large display

  • The high resolution/high visibility "touch screen" display shows flow/volume curves and detailed measurements.
  • Patient name and surname can be inserted directly on the device.
  • Intuitive icons facilitate operation.

Connectivity & data transmission

  • USB 2.0 (Bluetooth® optional)

winspiroPRO software features

  • High performance PC software for spirometry and oximetry
  • WinspiroPRO can easily be connected to a database, EPR, hospital or occupational health system. Special edition with HL7 interface is available on request.
  • All results can be rapidly printed.
  • All tests memorised in Spirodoc® are automatically downloaded into winspiroPRO and a patient data card is automatically created with a preview of the spirometry curve.
  • The spirometry incentive routine, patented by MIR, allows the user to select the patient’s favourite image in order to get maximum compliance.
  • This software also gives trend graphs of any parameter, ideal for clinical trials and telemedicine.
  • All tests and curves for every patient in the memory can be reviewed on a single page and the results, including oximetry tests, can be compared.

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