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Dosimeter MB3

Air Liquide Medical Systems S.p.A.

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  • 5. x 471012 Calibrated Nebulisers

  • 5. x 471086 Mouthpieces

  • 5. x 471088 "T" Connector

  • 1. x 473038 Transparent PVC Tubing

  • 1. x 474001 Thermistor

  • 2. x 479003 Nasal Olive, Small

  • 2. x 479004 Nasal Olive, Medium

  • 2. x 479005 Nasal Olive, Large

  • 1. x Adaptor for Nasal Olives

  • 1. x Power Cord, 3A

  • 1. x Instruction/Maintenance Manual

What the manufacturer says...

The DOSIMETER MB3 provides an accurate, easy-to-use and reliable method for the study, diagnosis and prevention of bronchial asthma.

Bronchoprovocation challenge tests are becoming always more important as a method for the study of bronchial asthma and for its detection in subjects predisposed.

It is defined as the administration of a"non-specific" pharmacological agent (such as histamine) or of a "specific" antigen to which a patient may be sensitive, and the measuring of the resulting bronchospasm. 

The diffusion of this method, not only in routine clinical practice, but also in specialised centres, requires that a simple, precise and easily manageable unit is available.

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