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CapnoEasy "Pocket" Mainstream Capnograph

B. W. I. Co Ltd

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  • 1 x 301003 CapnoEasy Mainstream Capnograph
  • 1 x 2101-00 Adult Airway Adapter
  • 1 x 2102-00 Paediatric/Infant Airway Adapter 
  • 1 x Quick User Guide
  • 1 x User Manual

What the manufacturer says...

The CapnoEasy measures, displays and monitors carbon dioxide partial pressure and respiratory rate during anaesthesia, recovery and respiratory care.

It may be used in the intensive care unit, patient room, clinic, emergency medicine and emergency transport settings for adult, paediatric, and infant patients. 

Technical Specifications:

Units kPa (default), mmHg & %
CO2 Range 0-9.9 kPa (0-99 mmHg)
CO2 Accuracy 0-5.3 kPa +/- 0.3 kPa               5.4-9.9 kPa +/- 6% of reading
(0-40 mmHg +/-2mmHg         41-99 mmHg +/-6% of reading)
RR Range 3-150 bpm
RR Accuracy +/- 1 bpm
Warm up Fast Response – short warm up time and real-time EtCO2 waveform displayed in 15 seconds
Calibration No user routine calibration required
Compensation Built-in atmospheric pressure sensor, automatic pressure compensation
Display 128 x 128 pixels 1.44 inch TFT colour display
Dimensions 51mm x 43mm x 45 mm
Weight 66g (when alkaline batteries are fitted)
Robustness Withstands repeated 1 m drops. Meets the shock and vibration requirements for transport of EN ISO 80601-2-55:2011 clause and EN 1789:2007 clause and 6.4.1.
Power Two AAA Cell batteries (2 x 1.5VDC) Alkaline or Lithium - IEC:LR03 (BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED)
Battery life 6 hours (Alkaline) or 10 hours (Lithium)

What we say...

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