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A360 Rechargeable Pulse Oximeter with Alarms - spot checking & continuous monitoring packages

Shenzhen Aeon Technology Co. Ltd.

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  • Handheld Pulse Oximeter with Alarms
  • One Year Warranty on Oximeter (Six months on accessories)
  • Easy to Read, Clear 2.8 inch (7.1cm) Colour TFT LCD Display
  • Supplied with Adult ‘clip-on’ Style Sensor AND Infant/Neonate Wrap Sensor included
  • Option to also include Paediatric Clip On Sensor 


  • 1. x User Manual & CD
  • 1. x USB Cable
  • 1. x UK USB Charger
  • 1. x Rechargeable Li Battery
  • 1. x Blue Silicon Protective Cover
  • 1. x Adult SpO2 Finger Clip Sensor
  • 1. x Neonate, Infant and Paediatric SpO2 Wrap Sensor


  • 1. x Optional Paediatric Clip On Sensor


The A360 is a compact, light, and easy to use handheld pulse oximeter. The device is suitable for continuously monitoring or spot checking adult, child and neonate patients. It is widely used in a variety of clinical settings, out-patient departments and emergency treatment facilities. The A360 is also ideal for the home care and family nursing environments. 

Rechargeable 1000MAH Li battery (included) or 4 x AAA 1.5V Alkaline batteries (not included)
Run Time:
15 hour continuous operation with new, fully charged battery 
Display Range:
SpO2: 35%-100%
Pulse rate: 0-250 BPM
SpO2: 1%
Pulse rate: 1 BPM
Measurement Accuracy:
SpO2: +/- 2% (70%-99%); unspecified (<70%)
Pulse rate: +/- 1 BPM
Low perfusion Condition: ≤0.3%

Sensor Application:
A360-ASP Finger Clip: Adults >40 kg (Index or Other Finger)
A360-ISP Wrap Probe: Ideally for Neonates 0.5-4 kg (Foot) or Infants 3-15kg (Big Toe). May also be used for Paediatric 10-40kg (Index or Other Finger)
Optional S100P-090103K Finger Clip: Paediatric 10-40kg (Index or Other Finger)
Temperature Probe: All patients (Armpit)


Pulmolink’s top ten reasons to choose the AEON A360 are

  1. Reliable and accurate oxygen saturation and pulse rate monitoring 
  2. Highly competitively priced without compromising on quality
  3. Easy-to-use SATs monitor with adjustable parameters via a user friendly menu
  4. Colour waveform and numeric display with adjustable brightness
  5. Lightweight, yet robust (ISO 13485 compliant)
  6. Comes with a silicon rubber cover for enhanced protection and stable bracket for table top/bedside usage
  7. Supplied with a "Neonate, Infant and Paediatric SpO2 Wrap Sensor” making it also suitable for patients from 0.5kg upwards 
  8. User-selectable audible & visual alarm functions and low battery voltage indicator
  9. Can be powered by either 4. x standard, easy-to-replace AAA alkaline batteries OR the rechargeable Li battery pack with UK mains power charger.
  10. Suitable for use with all the other Nellcor compatible SpO2 sensors on our website

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