Disposable Self Adhesive Paediatric (10-50kg) Oximetry Sensors - BCI C – Pulmolink
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DP200P-090101P - Disposable, Single Patient, Self Adhesive, Paediatric BCI Compatible Sensor

Disposable Self Adhesive Paediatric (10-50kg) Oximetry Sensors - BCI Compatible

Solaris Medical Technology Inc

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**New - Box of 24 sensors now available**


  •  1 x Paediatric Disposable Self Adhesive Sensor OR a pack of 10 x Sensors OR a box of 24 Sensors, depending on the option chosen 

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    Disposable, single patient, self adhesive paediatric sensor.

    Recommended for patients weighing between 10kg and 50kg.

    Supplied individually OR in a pack of ten OR in a box of 24. 

    Product code : DP200P-090101P

    Latex free.

    WHAT WE SAY...

    Suitable for paediatric finger or toe; the preferred sites are the forefinger or the thumb but the big toe may be more appropriate for longer-term, overnight monitoring.

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