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NT1D-Di Rechargeable Handheld Digital Pulse Oximeter with Alarms

Solaris Medical Technology Inc

  • £435.99

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  • Handheld NEWTECH Digital Pulse Oximeter with Alarms
  • Waveform and Numeric Displays
  • On Screen Trend Graphs and Data Tables
  • Rechargeable Li Battery
  • One Year Warranty on Oximeter (Three months on accessories)



The NEWTECH NT1D-Di is a handheld digital pulse oximeter with a high definition, bright colour screen. It features user adjustable alarm limits, making it equally ideal for both spot checking and continuous monitoring of oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate. The monitor is suitable for use on adults, paediatric & neonatal patients (when used in conjunction with an appropriate sized sensor), both in the homecare and professional environments. 

Measurement range:           0-100%.
Measurement accuracy:     +/- 2% (70-100%); unspecified (0-69%)
Pulse Rate
Measurement range:           25-300 bpm
Measurement accuracy:     +/- 2%
Dimensions (mm)                       127 (H) x 73 (W) x 23 (D)
Weight (kg)                                 500g (max)
Battery Capacity:                        Approx. 10 - 12 hours continuous use


A high quality oximeter at a modest price! 

Pulmolink’s Top Reasons to choose the NEWTECH NT1D-Di

  1. Clear and bright, vivid display screens; showing numerics with waveform or large numerics only for easier viewing from a distance.

  2. Data Tables and Trend Graphs can be viewed on screen, at the touch of a button.

  3. Historic Trend Data Memory can take up to 72 hours Trend Data for up to 99 patients 

  4. On screen alarm violation record table with date & time stamps.

  5. Comes with a base stand, making it handy for bedside use.

  6. Mains battery charger and UK power lead included, allowing both mobile and static use.

  7. The priority tones, alarm limits and volume levels can all be adjusted by the user. 

  8.  A impact-absorbing orange silicon cover now comes FREE with the device. 

  9. Ideally suited for monitoring all ages. An Adult reusable clip-on finger sensor (for patients over 40kg) is included plus a variety of reusable NEWTECH Oximetry sensors can now be purchased as an optional extra. Choose from FINGER sensors for Paediatrics (10-40kg) [either soft finger or finger clip style], WRAP sensors for Neonates (1-4 kg) & Infants (3-15 kg) or EARLOBE Sensors for Adult and Paediatric patients. Please contact us for further details or advice.

  10. Optional Carrying & Storage Cases are also additionally available (see drop down menu) to provide useful storage and extra protection.

 ** Please note this version is NOT compatible with Nellcor or BCI Oximetry Sensors **

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