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NT1D-A Handheld Pulse Oximeter

Solaris Medical Technology Inc

  • £449.99

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  • Handheld Pulse Oximeter with Alarms
  • Waveform and Numeric Displays
  • On Screen Trend Graphs and Data Tables
  • Mains Rechargeable
  • One Year Warranty on Oximeter (Three months on accessories)


  • 1. x Mains Charger
  • 1. x UK Power Lead
  • 1. x Instruction Manual on CD
  • 1. x Adult ‘Clip-On’ Style Finger Prob
  • 1. x Base Stand


NT1D-A is a handheld device that continuously monitors oxygen saturation (SpO2), and pulse rate. It can be used in any environment where continuous, non-invasive monitoring of these parameters is desired, including hospital and hospital-type facilities. The monitor is intended for use on adults & paediatrics. 

Measurement range:           0-100%.
Measurement accuracy:     +/- 2% (70-100%); not specified (0-69%)
Pulse Rate
Measurement range:           25-250 bpm
Measurement accuracy:     1 bpm or +/- 2%, whichever is greater.
Dimensions (mm)                       125 (L) x 73 (W) x 23 (H)
Weight (kg)                                 0.23


A professional quality device at a great price! With such an impressive list of features, it’s ideal for continuous as well as spot check monitoring

Pulmolink’s Top Reasons to choose the NT1D-A

  1. Choice of Display Screens showing numerics with waveform or large numerics only for easier viewing from a distance.

  2. On Screen Trend Graphs and Data Tables can be viewed at the touch of a button

  3. Historic Trend Data Memory can take up to 99 patients ID’s and 72 hours Trend Data per ID

  4. On screen alarm violation record table with date & time stamps

  5. Comes with a base stand making the device perfect for table top use

  6. Supplied with UK power lead and mains battery charger allowing both static and portable/mobile use

  7. User-selectable alarm limits, priority tones and volume levels

  8. An impact-absorbing orange silicon cover and/or a zipped storage carrying case are available to purchase to provide extra protection and convenience when “out and about”.

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