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OXYPALM Handheld Pulse Oximeter


  • £349.99

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This model has been discontinued by the manufacturers. See here for suitable alternatives.

• Handheld Pulse Oximeter

• Selectable Audio and Visual Oxygen Saturation and Pulse Alerts 

• Compatible with BCI Compatible Oximeter Probes & KTMed own Brand Sensors

• Supplied with 2 x KTMed Finger Sensor for Adults/Paediatrics and Paediatrics/Infants

• Incl. 4. x  AA Alkaline Batteries

• Plus FREE Blue Protective Rubber Cover


•1. x FS-05 Flexi Silicone Adult/Paediatric Sensor (>30kg)

•1. x FS-02 Clip-On Infant/Paediatric Sensor (3 - 30kg)

•1. x Blue Rubber Protective Cover

•1. x Operators Manual

•4. x AA Cell Alkaline Disposable Batteries

What the manufacturer says...

OXYPALM is designed for convenient spot-checking and attended continuous monitoring of adult, paediatric, infant & neonate patients; in hospital, clinics, ambulatory, home and EMS (Emergency Medical Services) environments.

It has bright LED displays for oxygen saturation and pulse rate measurements, pulse strength indicator, alert silence and low battery power.

•Simple - Easy Operation

•Compact - Lightweight and Portable

•Robust - Powerful for motion artifact rejection

•Supplied with flexi finger sensor for adult & paediatric patients weighing more than 30kg as well as a clip-on sensor for infants & paediatrics from 3 to 30kg.

•Ear and Neonate sensors available separately at a charge 

What we say...

The OXYPALM is a hugely impressive handheld pulse oximeter that provides the user with features you simply wouldn’t expect from a device of this price.

The moment we saw the OXYPALM we were immediately impressed by the quality design and robust construction. It’s lightweight and yet feels solid and substantial to hold; unlike so many of the flimsy low-cost handheld oximeters we've seen.

The Oxypalm is best suited for spot checking but can also be used for short term attended monitoring; with its visible warnings and low intensity alert tones (trigger levels for pulse rate and oxygen saturation can be set by the user).

The device also has a 40 hour battery running time; a Flexi Silicone Adult/Paediatric Sensor AND a infant/paediatric clip-on sensor (a selection of alternative sensors, e.g. ear probe/multisite, adult clip-on or disposables are available separately); …. Oh and a blue rubber protective cover is also included cover included FREE of charge! 

OXYPALM is superb value for money and gives you a full featured, high quality, spot check oximeter for a bargain price!

What our Customers Say ...

"A great product" - Carol from Chumleigh

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