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MD300 W628 Wearable Wrist Pulse Oximeter with App for Sleep Study Analysis


  • £239.99


 Comfortable, Sleep Pulse Oximeter with soft silicon finger sensor

 Records up to 72 hrs of Oxygen Saturation and Pulse Rate Levels

• FREE Android / IOS iPhone App allows data to be viewed, reported & shared

 Stylish Design with Easy to read Touchscreen Display

• Silent Vibration Wake Up Alert

• Bluetooth 5.0 Enabled 

• Internal Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery (10 hr typical life in sleep mode)


  • 1. x Wrist Pulse Oximeter 

  • 1. x Black Adult Sized Silicon Adjustable Strap 

  • 1. x USB-C Charging Cable (power adapter/plug not included) 

  • 1. x Silicon Adult (>40kg) Sized Reusable Finger Sensor 
  • 1. x Instruction Booklet  


This small, lightweight pulse oximeter is designed to be worn comfortably on the wrist for recording overnight pulse oximetry measurements. By accurately tracking slight changes multiple times a second and calculating the number of significant SpO2 drops per hour, it can help people to self-screen for, or keep track of their previously diagnosed, OSAS (Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome).

• CE Marked - Conforms to Council Directive 93/42/EEC concerning Medical Devices
• Overnight sleep analysis
• 72 hours data storage
• Wireless connectivity

• Compact appearance
• Easy to operate

Technical Specifications

Display:    OLED touch screen
Parameters:    SpO2, PR, PI, RR
Battery type:    250mAh Lithium-ion battery
Battery life:    Typically 10 hours in sleeping mode with the screen off
Battery charge time:    Usually less than 2 hours
SpO2 range and accuracy:    70% - 100%: ±2%; <70%: unspecified
Pulse Rate range and accuracy:    30 - 99bpm, ±2bpm; 100 - 250bpm, ±2%
Perfusion Index range:    0.3%~20.0%
Respiratory Rate range and accuracy:    4 – 70bpm, ±1bpm
Measurement mode:    Real-time mode and sleep mode
Probe port:    Type C
Warranty:   One Year (Oximeter); Three Months (Accessories)


The MD300 W628 is a stylish, comfortable and simple-to-operate wearable pulse oximeter.

Simply download the FREE "iChoice" App from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. Mobile phone shown is not included. (n.b. to use the app, a user account (email/password) must be created and all app permissions must be fully allowed).

In "Real Time Mode", the Touch Screen displays SpO2, Pulse Rate & Perfusion Index as well as waveform and time of day. Swipe left and there's also a step counter for use during activity.

With a simple tap of the finger on the "night" icon, the unit enters "Sleeping Mode" and  starts capturing "SATs", pulse rate and respiration rate readings every 1 second in its memory. The display deactivates to save battery life but can be easily viewed with just a short touch on the power button.

If required, Vibrating Alarm limits can be activated & adjusted for High & Low SpO2 & Pulse Rate: making the device perfect if you need the benefit of silent vibration instead of an audible alarm that could disturb your partner.

The next morning, simply tap the "night" icon again to exit the recording and activate the Bluetooth function. Then open the free iChoice App on your Apple or Android smartphone, select "Wrist Pulse Oximeter W628" from the menu and tap "Add device". Once connected, tap "Sync" and the data is uploaded wirelessly to the App.

A 3-page "Sleep Monitoring Report" is generated and stored in your App's Health Check calendar, where it can be viewed or shared via email as a pdf attachment (see examples by clicking one of the relevant thumbnail images above and hovering your mouse over to zoom in).

Sleep Monitoring Report - Key Features:

  • Oxygen Desaturation Event Times: the total number of times there was a drop in SpO2 by at least 3% lasting between 10 & 180 seconds.
  • Oxygen Desaturation Index (ODI): a calculation of the average number of Desaturation Events per hour (total number of oxygen desaturation events ÷ total time).
  • Oxygen Saturation Analysis: Maximum, Minimum & Average SpO2 (%) with time & date stamp.
  • Pulse Rate Analysis - Maximum, Minimum & Average PR (beats per minute) with time & date stamp.
  • Respiration Rate Analysis - Maximum, Minimum & Average RR (breaths per minute) with time & date stamp.
  • SpO2 statistics - Duration of time and proportion of recording period that oxygen saturation is in each particular range (<95, <90, <85, <80, <75, <70).
  • Conclusion - Summary & Recommendation.
  • Trend Graphs for visualisation of overnight SpO2 & PR levels.

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