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NMed C300 Sidestream EtCO2 Module for Newtech NT1D Handheld Capnograph


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  • 1. x C300 Sidestream EtCO2 Module plus interface cable
  • 1. x Nasal Sample Line with filter


The C300 ETCO2 module is a Low Flow Sidestream Module. 

 The output parameters include real time CO2 concentration, respiration rate, end-tidal CO2 & inspired CO2,

It includes a miniature CO2 sensor, barometric pressure transducer, sampling flow control and a miniature low-power vacuum pump.

The C300 can measure atmospheric pressure automatically, and has pressure compensated function. 

No routine user calibration is required; an offset calibration will run automatically when the ambient temperature is not stable.


This is a replacement SIDESTREAM Capnography Module with grey DB9 plug specifically for use with the NEWTECH NT1D series of Handheld Capnographs.

This sidestream unit plugs directly into the CO2 port of the NT1D Vital Signs Monitor to provide ETCO2 and Respiration Rate measurements.

It is powered by the NT1D's internal Li battery pack making it equally suited to portable use and static, bedside monitoring applications requiring continuous mains operation.

The Female Luer connection requires the use of a Male Luer to Male Luer CA-301 Gas Dryer Line (not included) to protect the module from damage caused by moisture ingress.

Industry Standard CO2 sample lines and airway adapters can then be connected for use with Intubated Patients for:

  • Monitoring effectiveness of CPR in Resus
  • Intubation verification in the Pre-hospital EMS environment
  • Mobile monitoring during intra- and inter-hospital patient transfers.

Alternatively, we sell a range of single patient use Nasal CO2 Sampling Lines and Nasal Divided O2/CO2 Cannulae with Female Luer connectors which connect to the Gas Dryer Line; making this lightweight, highly portable unit equally ideal for Non-Intubated patients during:

  • Conscious Sedation
  • Static bedside continuous monitoring of End Tidal CO2 levels

To protect the module during transport, we recommend purchasing the optional Orange Protective Rubber Cover.

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